Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pack Away the Excuses

If you have forever contemplated getting started in a regular workout routine, but find yourself making excuses, now is the time to pack away Ms. Excuse.

Some people refer to excuses as “rationalization”, for most others they are just simply “excuses”. We are all human, we use rationalization all the time to fit our lifestyles, our moods and emotions. If we are feeling down, we may rationalize that having a sugary coke and piece of chocolate cake will help us feel better. Chances are it will probably make you feel worse.

Since rationalization is all in the mind and not anything physical, you should try to trick your mind to avoid falling into the rationalization trap.

Here are some tips to move beyond a state of rationalizing for the negative and into a stronger more positive state.

Determine to make a change. Tell your mind you are now ready to become healthy and fit.

Write down your intended goal. Make it specific, and measurable. “I will run a 5 mile road race on April 20 of this year”.

Tell others about your goal. Let others know what your goal is so that they can ask you about it and thereby force you into achieving your goal.

Setout a plan to achieve your goal. Write down specific steps you will need to take in order to reach the goal. If needed, solicit help from a coach.

Have fun. Always, have fun getting to your goal. If you goal is not fun then you probably have set the wrong goal.

For the benefit of all the readers of the Speedy Sneakers Blog, let us all know how you overcame the nuisance of making excuses and how you achieved your goals.

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