Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cold Weather Workout Tips

Just because it is cold outside does not mean we have to stop working out. In the colder states we need to be a little more creative to get through the dark cold months.

Here are five workout tips you can try this winter.

1. Mall Walking. Early morning, or later in the evening on weekdays are great for getting a warm walk in. If you are not running around at 4:00 minutes/mile pace, mall security will not mind you walking.

2. Cross Train. Winter provides the perfect opportunity to do some additional cross training at your local gym, such as lifting weights and swimming. Both provide the opportunity to workout different muscles groups that you may not have done while walking or running in the summer.

3. Jump Rope. Get a jump rope from your local fitness store, they are inexpensive and provide a solid workout. Jump rope for 5 minutes to start and you will feel like you had just run 5 miles!

4. Indoor Cycling. If you have an indoor bike, use it. So many people have indoor equipment do not use it. This is a waste, as time passes the machine will breakdown and ultimately become useless. Try cycling for 30-minutes.

5. Core Conditioning. Wake up each morning and workout your various abdominal muscles. Core conditioning is essential for maintaining torso strength for walking and running.

As always in cold weather, maintain adequate hydration, dress in layers.

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