Monday, January 7, 2008

Keeping it Simple

I was once at a sales conference where the presenter had ten slides he showed to kickoff his presentation. These ten slides provided the tone for the rest of the presentation and had everyone listening very closely.

Each slide was a copy of a few very well known money magazines. Each had an incredible headline, “top 10 stocks”, “the other top 10 stocks”, “get out of these 10stocks”. The slides went on and it became apparent that if you had read these ten magazines you would have been confused and not anymore educated than before you began reading.

So are other magazines any different, such as health and fitness magazines? The answer is yes, absolutely. If this is true, what are you to do? Just be careful about taking to heart all the information, there is just too much and it does conflict. For the most part the information contained in the magazines is valid and good, however if you were to take all the advice you would be constantly changing your workouts, diet, buying all kinds of new gadgets and just simply getting yourself into a state of utter madness.

Read all magazines for education, pick out just a few things you would like to try and give it time to work if it is what you want to do. Speak to trainers or coaches about what you have read and see if they agree with it. Any good coach will ask some probing questions before giving advice.

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