Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Buddy Up with Friends

Some of my most fondness memories of the hard training sessions I have done over the years were the times I spent with my friends who slogged and toiled with me. Each drop of sweat was truly shared as we “hung tough” together. If there ever is a place to build friendships it was there on the track, trails and parks where we worked our tails off. We were in it together, we succeeded and failed together.

I am a firm believer that regardless of your current fitness level, whether a world class athlete or recreational athlete you can benefit from “budding” up with some of your friends to workout together. Together you can motivate and encourage each other to strong workout performances.

The key is to find workout friends who are of similar strength. However, if your fitness levels vary greatly, you can still tailor the workout to benefit all.

Let us say we have Group A, they can run a mile in 10 minutes, and Group B, can run a mile in 13 minutes while Group C can run a mile in 15 minutes. Your workout calls for running 5 x 800 meters in 6 minutes.

Group C will leave first, one minute later Group B will leave, with Group A leaving one minute behind Group B and two minutes behind Group c. You stagger the starting times so that all groups should finish together.

Good luck with your training and finding friends to workout with.

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