Monday, January 28, 2008

Benefits of Cross-Training

Cross training, what is it and what can it do for you? Regardless of whether you are a competitive or a recreational athlete, cross training can be of great benefit to your overall fitness.

Cross training is performing “other” exercise routines which are not normally part of your primary program. Many people choose to use lighter exercises for cross training. For instance, if you are a walker or runner you may want to try swimming or cycling which have a lighter impact on the body.

Cross training allows you to work on different parts of the body that you may not have in your primary exercise. As a walker or runner, your arms may never see any exercise, but if you were to cross train by swimming or lifting weights you will engage those muscle groups into your program.

Cross training will help you avoid injuries by reducing the amount of work load you will place on one set of muscles. Through repeated action your muscles, bones and tendons could become overused. By cross training you will use different parts of your body thereby shifting the workloads around your body.

As a walker or runner here are some cross training exercises you should consider. Swimming, aerobics, weight lifting, rope jumping, stretching and cycling.

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