Friday, January 11, 2008

Exercise Consistently

I often preach to athletes who are starting out in an exercise program of the need to be consistent in their dedication and approach.

How many times have you started, stopped, started, stopped, and then again started on a program only to become frustrated and upset that you have not reached your fitness goal. Consistency will help you get there.

Plan your program to be consistent. If in the beginning you can only workout two times each week, then workout just two times each week, but maintain the consistency. When you start missing individual workouts, it becomes easier to begin missing weekly workouts which then leads to monthly workouts, soon you are not exercising anymore and you have reverted back to your old self.

If you need to, follow this plan.

Week 1 – Workout once per week
Week 2 – Workout twice per week
Week 3 – Workout three times per week
Week 4 – Workout four times per week
Week 5 – Maintain

This program should help you ease into a consistent workout pattern.

This blog was contributed by Speedy Sneakers Walking and Running Clubs for women. Speedy Sneakers is committed to promoting women’s health and fitness through walking and running programs.

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