Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Prediction Competition

In conjunction with the RRCA National Run@Work Day on September 19, 2008, Good Bodies Personal Fitness & Wellness has put together a team competition that is fun and suitable for anyone regardless of age, gender, or level of fitness. Encourage two (2) co-workers, family members, or friends to join you and let’s get started!

It’s not the swiftest that wins it’s the most calculating. How does it work?

On September 18th, 19th, or 20th, you and your 2 teammates will be timed in either a;

* 1 mile run/walk on a treadmill
* 2 mile stride on an elliptical machine
* 3 mile ride on a stationary bike.

The time it takes to complete it is your STARTING PACE.

Four-weeks later. Run/walk 2 miles, stride 4 miles, or ride 6 miles and predict a time that has to be as good or a better pace per mile than your STARTING PACE.

Eight-weeks (in total) later. Run/walk 3 miles, stride 6 miles, or ride 9 miles and predict a time to finish in that has to be as good or a better pace per mile than your week 4 pace. The team whose predictions at week 4 and week 8 are closest is the WINNING team.

To make it fair, after you have established your STARTING PACE, in your weeks 4 and 8 assessments, the odometer/speedometer will be hidden so that you cannot adjust your pace to meet your predicated time.

The closest predicting team splits $600 (evenly)
The closest predicting individual wins $100

This is a competition that almost anyone can join because you do not have to be in good condition to start. It is important to start an exercise program, though, because improvements are required.

Entry Fee is $50 per person which entitles you to;

* The chance to win $600 with your team.
* A chance to win $100.
* A fitness consultation after your initial timing.
* Corporate discount rates to Good Bodies Fitness.
* A 16-week membership to Speedy Sneakers Walking and Running Club for Women.
* A membership to the Columbus Running Company training group.
* 10% discount coupon to the Columbus Running Company.
* Tips on how to lose weight.
* Weekly email support from Good Bodies. Each email will include exercise, nutrition, and motivational information.

Here’s how it works – Team A records initial run/walking times of 5:08, 11:16, and 8:22. That is their STARTING PACE. In week 4 they respectively PREDICT TIMES for 2 miles of 10:16, 21:00, and 16:00. They record times of 10:40, 21:30, and 15:55. What is their score? Since runner 1 ran a slower pace (it needed to be 5:08/mile pace or better and he ran a 5:20/mile pace) than what is acceptable, his difference of 24 seconds is doubled to 48. The other 2 runners ran at acceptable paces. So the combined difference is 48 + 30 + 5 = 83. The week 4 score is added to the score from week 8 to determine a team’s final score.

Contest Parameters

There is no obligation to become a member or workout at Good Bodies. There are no hidden or additional costs (the $50 entry fee is the only cost).

Friends and Family members are welcome to enter the competition!

Competitors will receive a packet of information when they record their STARTING PACE. It will include health and exercise information that will help them get off on the right foot.

Contestants will receive weekly support via email that will include the Good Bodies Healthy Habit tips, exercise tips, encouragement, inspiration, and contestant highlights.

You will be timed at Good Bodies but we can arrange to record times at your place of business if suitable exercise equipment is available. Teams do not have to use the same exercise modality.

Dates of timing are;
* September 18th, 19th, and 20th.
* October 16th, 17th, and 18th.
* November 13th, 14th, 15th.
* Winners will be announced on November 17th.

Good Bodies will be opened from;
* 6 am to 10 pm Thurs. – Fri.
* 6 am to 5 pm Sat.
* If there are appointment times available, you can sign-up through the 20th.

Good Bodies accepts cash, check, VISA, MC, AMEX, and Discover.
To learn more about Good Bodies, go to See Map
Contact Matt Maglicic at (614) 889-2282

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