Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rx Running Shoes

Generally when taking care of your health, you will visit a doctor to diagnose a health issue. On some occasions as we get older, we visit our doctors for routine medical checkups. Why do we visit the doctor? Why not just go to the drug store and pick out a few drugs and take them? Wouldn’t it save us time to just go online and research our medical issue and then proceed to fix it?

Of course not, this would be ludicrous. In most instances we would probably do more harm than good?

If this is true, why then do we buy our walking and running shoes without first consulting with a professional? How many of us, visit the nearby big box retailer to get the great deal on the newest Nikes? I suppose we have to assume that we do not take our feet and legs as seriously as we do our other body parts.

I think we can agree, for the most part, we are all made just a little different from the next person. Therefore, we all may need a little help in finding a shoe that fits our height, weight, style of walking or running and distance we walk or run. A professional running store employee should be able to help us find the shoe that fits our bodies.

The benefit of having the right shoes is that we will be able to prevent some injuries that probably could have been caused by buying the wrong type of shoe. Look at it as a prescription for running shoes.

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