Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Product Review – Vitamin Water

I am not big on fads at all. Any type of fad or even new technology sometimes takes awhile for me to get on board.

It’s really bad, I just recently got a digital camera, do not have a MP3 player, do not have a GPS watch like a Garmin and definitely do not own an iPhone.

Just like technology fads. Fads are all over, and it either ends when some other new fad comes along or it becomes part of our culture and way of life. So how about this Vitamin Water thing that is being marketed? Will it be a fad and fade or will it last and become as useful as Gatorade? Who knows, only time will tell?

I will let you know I recently tried out some Vitamin Water. The power-c dragon fruit with c+ taurine. Dragon fruit is mostly comprised of the B vitamins, which I have always been a big fan of for instant energy. There is also a really healthy dose of vitamin C, though it’s the ascorbic acid type which is not as good as if they had used Rose Hip which is more natural. Perhaps they cannot preserve it in a liquid, or it is just too expensive.

The downside to some of the ingredients is that is does contain 13 grams of sugar, not as much as a Coke or Pepsi, but more than a diet drink. So be cautious, do not drink too many of these things, unless you are training for the Ironman.

Overall, it was definitely tasty, and I definitely felt like I did get a bounce from it. I would say from time to time, give it a try, but my opinion, over time this too will be a fad.

What do you think?
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