Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Run or Walk Safely

Whether walking or running, consideration should be given to the aspect of safety. A recent trend we see on the roads today is the use of Mp3 players or iPods as they are commonly known. These devices have pre-recorded songs that have been loaded on by their owners. I think these devices are absolutely awesome; however I also consider them to be extremely dangerous to every walker or runner who uses them during training and racing.

All of the major organizations of running and triathlon have banned the use of these devices at their races, simply because they are a danger to the athlete.

How are these devices dangerous? Simple, you have to hear to be alert. If you walking or running and cannot hear you put yourself in a lot of danger. Think about it, when you are training you are sharing the road with cars, motorbikes and trucks which are going very fast. If you are not able to hear or are not paying attention you could be hit.

Even if you are running on bike paths, you have to be cautious. Cyclists of all ages are using the paths and a simple mistake can result in injury.

If you are a person who uses an iPod then I ask you to begin practicing to not use this device. I know it’ll be hard, but try and keep it home so that you can be sure to be safe.

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