Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cool Weather Workouts!

The fall is finally here, with temperatures quickly cooling down making it more difficult to get out.

Here are a few tips to staying warm when the air is chilly:

1. Layer your clothing - layers are best because they can be removed once you start warming up from your exercise. Wear an outer jacket that acts as a windbreaker and that also keeps you warm in the initial stages of your workout.

2. Bring your hat and gloves - an individual loses heat through their head and hands so it is best to keep them covered until you are sufficiently warm!

3. Windchill factor - the cold temperatures plus the wind make the air temperature much cooler than it really is. Start your workout going into the wind and finish with the wind to your back.

4. Time change is coming up! - be safe when working out in the dark. Wear clothing that has reflective material on it so others can see you.

5. Get dry - once you are finished with your workout put some dry clothes on. Wet clothes will cool you down quickly.

Remember, exercise is a year round event so be careful, keep working out, and be healthy!


Peter said...
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Peter said...

Also, I think its important to add. If you run in the dark, make sure you run with a friend or two. Also, you may want to carry some pepper spray or a whistle to ward off anyone wanting to do harm.