Saturday, July 26, 2008

Guest Speaker - Dr. Patricia Stafford

Our Guest speaker this week was Dr. Patricia Stafford founder of Womens Imaging and Wellness.

Dr. Stafford gave a great presentation on Women's Bone Health. Please look for presentation materials to be posted on the club website

I think what I took away from the presentation is that we should all be thinking about our bone health especially women who could face osteporosis in the future. Some remedial actions, include taking supplements and excercising. It really also wouldn't hurt to get a bone density scan.

Another little tidbit about Dr. Stafford is that not only does she practice good halth in her profession but she also practices it in her own life. Dr. Stafford is an avid runner and just this year ran in the Boston Marathon - way to go.

Thanks Dr. Stafford and good luck for Boston in 2009.

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