Friday, December 21, 2007

Taking Time Off

When you start on an exercise program and have committed to goals, taking time off can sometimes feel like you may slip back into older habits or even get so unfit that you may loose all that you have worked so hard to accomplish. If you are that person, I have to say I appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication, but take a breath; you will be just fine taking a little time off.

Taking time off to rejuvenate physically and emotionally can help spur you onto your next year’s goals. Therefore, the question then becomes, “how much time can I take off”. A rule of thumb for very competitive athletes who train hard all year long is that taking no more than 10 days off will not diminish your fitness levels. So I think it can be safe to say that someone who trains more modestly can safely take off at least 5 days or half the time.

The thing about time off is that you must not necessary count the days you take off as if that startup day is something to dread. The stress alone would take away all benefits you may have intended by taking sometime off in the first place. Rather set a period, such as “I will take off from the Christmas eve to New Year’s day” If you happen to take an extra day, then so be it. Do not stress about it. However, startup shortly after that even if it is just a small slow walk or jog. Get back into it.

This time of the year, with Christmas and New Years holidays upon us, taking time to socialize with family and friends is a good thing for you and for them. Enjoy yourself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

By Speedy Sneakers Walking and Running Clubs for women

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